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Hey, ! I'm Kyla from and I'm here to give you actionable strategies in the Pinterest Made Easy mini-course!

So, who the heck am I?


Well, I'm all about creating a life full of magic, freedom, and abundance for a joyful existence. I love being surrounded by nature and spending lazy summers up at my cottage in Canada.


I'm a spiritual entrepreneur at heart just doing what I love and trying to make a couple bucks while doing it!




I'm also a single mom to these beautiful boys and I love them with all my heart! While it can be super stressful and scary being the sole provider for our family, they are absolutely the #1 reason why I'm working so hard to build a successful business.


Being able to provide my kids with a beautiful life full of possibility and opportunities is SO IMPORTANT to me.


It's tough to find time to work on #allthethings in my business, but I've been able to find ways (like passive income) to make working from home easier while taking care of three boys and a house full of responsibilities.

Born to be a Spiritual Entrepreneur


Ever since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to blaze my own trail.


I love manifesting, working with crystals and essential oils, studying alternative forms of healing, mindset and self-development work. So, you might hear me talk about these things every now and then.


From 2003 to 2011 I owned a handmade products business making aromatherapy dog products (I am a total dog lover) and I learned so much while running that business.


After that business, I focused on staying home to raise my children. Then in 2014, I got bit by the entrepreneurial bug again and decided to start a blog writing about eco-friendly dog products.


Eco Cool Dog was my first blog and I was so excited to learn everything I could about blogging.


I already knew the power of Pinterest, so right from the get-go, I designed and optimized every blog post for Pinterest.


But... I wasn't very successful in the beginning.


I decided to devote all of my time to learning everything I could about using Pinterest to help drive traffic to my blog.

3 years later, I've finally figured out an automated Pinterest strategy that sends me massive traffic with very little effort.


Now, I have over 14,000 followers on Pinterest and my pins get seen by roughly half a million people every month! My blog still gets hundreds of visits every day from posts that are over a year old!


What other social platforms can do that?




Why? Because your content is evergreen on Pinterest, meaning it lives on the platform and gets shared over and over again, forever.


If you're not promoting your blog on Pinterest then you're missing out on butt-loads of traffic, subscribers, and money, period.


I have seen the most growth and traffic from my efforts on Pinterest.


Now, I'm steadily growing my following, connecting with other influencers in my industry, and a whopping 87% of my traffic comes from Pinterest.


Pinterest is one of the fastest ways I've been able to grow my list, connect with my target audience, and make more money.

In the beginning...


I had no idea where to start? I wasted so much time trying to figure it all out myself. Reading blog post after blog post. I think I have tried every strategy under the sun.


I slowly began to realize that you have to have a plan. Having (the right) strategies in place is a must or all your precious time spent on Pinterest will be a complete waste.


My passion is sharing with you all the Pinterest strategies I've learned and tested over the past (almost) 4 years.


I want to help you avoid all of my mistakes, learn from my wins, and show you what works on the platform and what is a waste of time.


I am so happy to have you. I look forward to helping you grow a following, be seen as the expert you are, and ultimately make your online business a success.


Now here is some important information on this mini-course...


If you're brand new to Pinterest you should read my Ultimate beginners guide to using Pinterest post before starting this course.


You will be learning how to:


  • Optimize your profile
  • Gain more followers
  • Create amazing pinnable images.
  • Find and join group boards
  • Plus so much more...


If at any time during the course you have any questions, I would love to hear from you! You can email me directly at

Join the Club // #secretpinnersclub


Get all the support you need during the course and beyond inside my free Facebook Group. Come and hang out with me (and all the other amazing entrepreneurs) inside The Secret Pinners Club! Click here to request to join.


I hope to see you over at the club!


Now let's get started... just click that shiny button to purchase this course for ONLY $20!

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Learn the ins and outs of Pinterest in a simple and fluff-free course with actionable strategies you can implement today.

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